OK then …

This week I did 13.2km in two lots. Not bad for an old bugger just starting out. I do realise that there is a longer than expected recovery between runs. The same applies to the gym, too. I tend to wait until recovery is complete before the next event and that means no muscle soreness or tension. Seems to work.

Taking the recommended dose of ZMA before bedtime is doing interesting things. The magnesium kicks in about 30 minutes after and I can feel the effect of it in my head when a drowsiness starts to kick in. Some unreal and whacky dreams as well, which I regard as a bonus.

Weight at 94.6kg.

Carry on!

Some articles I read over the last week suggest that long distance running is for the young, rather than the young at heart. Probably if you approach it with the idea of running at an equal time than others, however, taking it easy and enjoying the journey rather than focusing on arriving is the best approach.

Why hurry?


The age old question, is dietary intake enough or are supplements needed?

Last year I did get on to creatine for a while with the result of unwanted weight gain. I think that it works well if there is a good base to build upon. If the body fat ratio is too high then simply more weight is added as fat rather than lean muscle. There was an added element of strength, but I think that was purely because of my weight lifting routine. The trick is to get to a good workable weight and then go from there.

I’m trying out ZMA – zinc, magnesium, B6 to see where that goes. Zinc is important for metabolism and is especially important for men’s health. Magnesium is also linked to heart health, sleep and stress control. Magnesium helps regulate cortisol (too much can lead to anxiety), melatonin (essential for sleep), and blood pressure, and provides the energy to contract and relax the heart and other muscles. Low magnesium levels can lead to symptoms like exhaustion, irritation, and sleeplessness. (Men’s Journal).

All these things are expensive, and the best way to go about it is to do a two month trial and gauge the effectiveness of the supplement.

The week

A week off from work and an opportunity to head down to Kyoto. Always a lovely place to visit, and so very different than Tokyo. Maybe it’s the obvious history of the place, the temples and the numerous little nooks and crannies that old Tokyo used to have before being fire bombed in WII. The juxtapositioning of restaurants, izakayas and BJ joints is another interesting feature…have a meal… pop next door for a drink at the bar… pop next door for a handjob or a BJ. All good… not that I did that, of course

Over the course of the few days, we did eat and overeat. I put that on the back burner and just enjoyed what we were doing. Yesterday I got back in to the swing of things and went out for a 5km indian walk, and another one of 6km today. Weight is down to 94.95kg. Tomorrow its off to Sendagaya gym for some serious deadlifts.

Beginnings: The State of Play

I’m getting older and the body has changed noticeably over the years. I think I am still relatively in good shape when I compare myself with other 54 year old men out there, but things aren’t quite right. Currently when I stand on the scales, I weigh in at 95.95 kg – 26.6 BMI (overweight).

At 190cm tall it doesn’t look too bad, but it does bring some limits. I am not as flexible as I once was, aerobic fitness is minimal and there is belly fat which I do not carry well. Time for a change, I’d say…

These are my goals:

* Weight to 90kg

* 10km jogs 3 times per week

* Strength training

* Ashtanga yoga – primary series